Hinckley creative agency teams up with freight forwarding service

Trident, a Hinckley-based creative agency specialising in design, digital and print, has begun working with Independent Freight, which is helping the company to ship its products to a host of international markets including the EU, USA and South Africa.

The work is flowing both ways – as Trident has recently worked with Hooper & Co, a spin-off from Independent Freight, by creating a new website and marketing collateral.

The businesses originally met at an event held by the Department for International Trade to help increase overseas orders.

The two companies have cemented that relationship through networking at Chamber events and Adam Burrage, of Trident, said the relationship showed the value of personal relationships in business.

He said: “We know from what we do on a day-to-day basis that it’s important for companies of all sizes and sectors to make sure they are visible in a whole host of ways – both online and offline.

“It’s about setting yourself apart from the competition and making sure your potential clients see and hear about you. We are bombarded with information from all angles each and every day so we can only engage with a small percentage that grabs our attention.

“Through our services, we make sure that our clients can delight their customers so they want to engage with the information they are using to market themselves. While it is an increasingly virtual world, it is also true that people still want to do business with people and there is very much a place for face-to-face, personal networking.

“That’s how we began to work with Independent Freight. It’s ironic that we were at a meeting finding out how we could do business with companies from overseas and we ended up working for a firm based less than five miles away!

“Through the Chamber, we continued networking and kept meeting Independent Freight. It is a great way of keeping in touch and we are working with each other more and more.

“They are experts at what they do and, because of their professional approach, we trust them to deal direct with our clients on matters such as customs clearances and import documentation.”

Jenny Hooper, of Independent Freight, said despite their international focus they still looked to use local suppliers where possible.

She said: “We enjoy working with Trident as they put great effort into ensuring that we stand out from the crowd.

“As a freight forwarding company, we are working all around the world but if there is an opportunity to buy locally we will do so and having met Trident and seen the work they do, we are delighted that this has turned into a two-way relationship.”