For a nosey parker, it’s an interesting job: Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR

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Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR and Enterprise Nation Champion for Nottingham discusses marketing, the four Ps and utilising opportunities for diversification.

No, not PR, although it has its moments, I’m talking about a chap at the property next door to me on Friday trying to earn an honest bob.

Now it’s not often one gets to quote George Formby in a column about PR and Marketing but today is that day so I will cast him in the role below and I hope it gets you thinking.

I have a running battle at the rear of my house due to various ‘interesting’ decisions made by the previous occupants and whoever installed the guttering. Long-story short, I need someone to clear them out and have a good look. I could also do with a regular window-cleaner but there is never anyone advertising these services in or around our village.

Missed opportunity 1.

So imagine my joy when I spot a chap up his ladders next door doing that exact thing. I waited until he was safe and shouted up to him, mere feet from the ground at the time.

Greg: Could you pop over and look at mine after you’re finished there at all?

Formby: Morning. I probably can but I might have to shoot off.

Greg: Ah, do you have a business card?

Formby: No.

Greg: Err, can I take a mobile number and I’ll drop you a text then?

Formby: Tell you what. I’ll come over now.

Now, I didn’t expect him to abandon one job or really want him to at that stage, but he was a lovely chap and we soon got chatting. He was actually a window cleaner, but he adds gutter cleaning to his services as he already has the ladders out.

If we look at his marketing in terms of the 4 Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion, he’s really struggling with the latter as he has no card, no branded van, no local advertising or website, no social media channels, not even a branded t-shirt but he has the Product/s.

He also has the Place as he told me he has a very fixed radius which he moves around to keep things fresh. When I asked him about Price, my initial thought was that he was actually TOO CHEAP which made me worry about quality, safety and reliability a bit but it wasn’t going to cost me much to trial him so that has opened up a prospective client for him.

So we agreed he’d pop over once a month and he’d send me his BACS details so we could set it all up. That WAS a smart move. He gets a regular guaranteed job and gets paid on time, no delays and I get a feeling of certainty.

As he went back next door he suggested I could tackle some of my patio areas with a pressure washer: “it’s what I use.”

Well…I COULD but maybe he could charge me more and do that for me too whilst he’s over. I decided to ‘leave that on the table’ as they say in sales but he didn’t bite, probably because he was halfway up a ladder again next door.

I wonder, how many of you miss opportunities to diversify your offering or make it easier to buy from you as you are too focused on doing the day-job ‘stuff’ and not looking at the marketing? By the way, he still hasn’t sent me the BACS details, I’ll text him again now.