FHP create specialist property focused accountancy practice

East Midlands property consultancy FHP has formed a new specialist property focused Accountancy Practice, FHP Accounting Services Limited.

The new company is based at FHP’s Head Office in Central Nottingham and is dedicated to be a niche and specialist Accountancy Practice focused on providing the financial services that are required by Property Owners and Investors.

The new business is led by husband and wife team, Kirren and Kellee Quigley, both of whom are experienced Accountants with Kellee having joined FHP in 2016 from Yusen Logistics and Kirren joining FHP in 2017 from the Sytner Group after completing his training in a Top 10 Accountancy Practice.

In speaking with John Proctor, a Director at FHP, and Kirren they confirmed that the formation of FHP Accounting Services Limited has been a long term aspiration of FHP to be able to offer their Clients specialist and dedicated financial assistance to Property Owners and Investors.

John Proctor confirmed: “To properly look after a property portfolio, whether it be an individual property, a number of properties or a multi let office building, industrial estate or residential estate, it is essential that the approach is the same as running a business.

“FHP Property Consultants have grown over their 30 years of existence to be market leaders in providing expert and dedicated property advice, but in order to provide that advice and in order to be able to look after the properties we manage for our Clients we need the appropriate financial support whether it be to simply retain the property on an annual basis and file annual accounts and appropriately submit VAT Returns, file submissions to Companies House or take a more strategic view if a sale is being contemplated, for instance what are the tax implications? How could it affect me? How do I best forward plan? How do I satisfy my annual compliance requirements and Director’s responsibilities?

“Much of this work is relatively small beer for the large accountancy firms and is specialist in its nature and as a consequence over the years there have been frustrations as to how quickly information is being turned around and how much time we have to dedicate to assist our accountancy colleagues in completing these tasks.

“Equally many of our Clients have not known where to turn when they are seeking advice to run individual properties and undertake relatively small tasks which they need to do to comply with current legislation.

“By creating our own dedicated accountancy business we are able to overcome these constraints and to be able to provide the dedicated and specialist advice that both our Clients and ourselves deserve”.

The business started trading in January 2019 and has already contacted a good number of Clients.  As a consequence and by virtue of organic growth FHP Accounting Services Limited are already looking to employ an additional team member.

Kirren Quigley confirmed: “FHP is a diverse forward thinking Property Consultancy and the opportunity of creating FHP Accounting Services hugely excited me to be able to work alongside a forward thinking business of this nature.

“The integration of the accountancy and property functions enables us to be able to provide rounded advice and take the hassle out of property ownership from our Clients.”