Entrepreneurs launch new Motor Delivery service aimed at retail car buyers

Motor Delivery Ltd, an industry first end-­to-­end customer facing online home delivery platform for car buyers, is launching to the UK market this month from its Lincoln-based  headquarters.

Motor Delivery, which is headed up by directors Phil Kelsey, Ian Smith and Jack Davies, opens its platform to the public later this month as well as rolling out into several  dealerships across the Midlands as a preferred home delivery partner.

Phil Kelsey, Managing Director, said: “Last year, we know that over 6 million used cars  changed hands up to the end of September 2018. With the increasing number of buyers  sourcing their cars online, many of those trades would have been outside of their local  region.

“The perfect car is not always on your doorstep. With the expansion of the online market  in this industry; customers can search for a car, communicate with the seller and now also  sign for any finance arrangement – all from the comfort of, and without leaving, their  home.

“If the dealer is registered with us, then they may be able to add the delivery onto the  customer’s finance and arrange the movement on their behalf.”

Ian  Smith, Commercial Director, said: “Both customers and dealerships alike can use our   platform.

“A pricing algorithm works out the delivery charge on a pence per mile basis per vehicle so  no further calculations are required by the dealer, and we handle all communications with  the end-­customer and every aspect of the handover process,” he said.

“Our mission is to make the final part of the sales process as frictionless as possible for  both sides of the deal.”