ENSEK partners with Dispace to retain best talent in Nottingham

Mark Wright (left) and Ross Cox.

A Nottingham company which is pioneering the flexible working movement has teamed up with a fellow city firm to help support the local economy and attract talent.

Dispace, which launched in October, has agreed a multi-seat deal with Nottingham energy software company ENSEK, which wants to embrace a flexible working culture and manage the capacity challenges that rapid growth creates in its existing office.

Dispace is creating a remote working revolution that isn’t wedded to the tired 9-5 office culture but is an entirely flexible solution that co-exists much better with people’s lives and the power of technology. It is creating co-working space in a variety of venues so that busy professionals can work wherever they need to.

Dispace has already signed up nine venues across six UK cities, including the Cross Keys and Bentinck Hotel in Nottingham, to its flexible working vision, and now, ENSEK is teaming up with Dispace to bring forward overflow space for its busy team.

Ross Cox, co-founder of Dispace, said: “ENSEK wants to embrace flexible working to attract and retain the best talent – and it wants to give people a remote working solution that supports them on the move.

“By working with Dispace, ENSEK is accessing overflow space in the city and providing its teams with variety in their working surroundings. This will, in turn, support other businesses in the city, by making use of our amazing partner venues in the hospitality sector.”

Mark Wright, COO of ENSEK added: “The opportunity for our team to work with the Dispace concept made immediate sense. Now, more than ever, staff demand flexibility in their working lives and Dispace gives us the opportunity to provide that in an adaptable and cost-effective way.

“We see this relationship as a great way of not only encouraging our current team to work smarter, but also as a way of attracting the best talent to Nottingham. We’re absolutely committed to the city, and want our staff to be too. We’re convinced Dispace will help in achieving this.”

“We’re here for anyone who spends time away from permanent premises and teams,” added Ross.

“Ultimately, we’re giving them on-demand facilities wherever they are located, connecting them to potential partners, suppliers and customers within their user peer group and providing access to support and guidance, via expert contributors and tailored content.”

Dispace has now launched at venues in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with Leeds and Derby live shortly. Its phase two roll-out during winter 2018 will include: Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton and Sheffield.