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Emotional marketing – what to know

Using emotional tethers and pulls to appeal to people isn’t a particularly new concept. It has been done throughout the ages as a way of strengthening arguments and persuading audiences to see things a certain way.

Emotional marketing makes use of messaging which deliberately targets specific human emotions through various triggers. These can target one or several different emotions in an effort to get an audience to perform a specific action aligning with a call to action (CTA).

What are the main emotions targeted by emotional marketing?

There are a number of different emotions which might be leveraged within emotional marketing to elicit a response from an audience. Four core emotional areas are usually targeted:

  • Happiness – brands often want to be associated with a positive sentiment, putting smiles on faces, and generally making people happy. Especially during a time where negative headlines might dominate the press, having positive branded content can remind people of the good that’s out there.
  • Sadness – on the flipside to positive content, tugging on your audience’s heartstrings with emotional content that focuses on negative feelings. This can be useful when your brand is promoting a solution to the sadness positioned within your messaging.
  • Fear – while scaring your audience into action can seem like a gamble, within certain industries it can absolutely drive results. To feel fear is to be human and can promote feelings of urgency – but you need to be careful with how far you push this. Going too far could anger your audience and turn them away from your brand.
  • Disgust/Anger – Although you don’t want to make your audience angry with your brand, generating anger towards an external source can also prove to be a powerful emotion. It can rouse action from apathy, aiming to right injustices we face and create a better world by stamping out wrongdoing.

What are the benefits of using emotional marketing?

Effective use of emotional marketing can have a range of benefits for your brand, as well as the specific marketing campaign you’ve used. On the data side of things, ads which adequately addressed emotional triggers saw a 23% sales increase over the average ads which did not. But emotions run deeper than what the data can tell us about sales alone:

  • Brands become more memorable – by creating an emotional connection between your brand and an audience, your marketing material will forge a lasting impression which could later drive traffic or conversions.
  • Content is more likely to be shared – adding an emotional angle to any marketing messaging, people are more likely to share this with friends. The emotion may motivate others to signal-boost your marketing organically if they connect with it.
  • Loyalty can be formed – if the emotional connection which is formed is strong enough, this can prompt audiences to recommend products and services to others. An emotional relationship with a brand can result in a significantly higher lifetime value.

How can you use emotional marketing to your advantage through email marketing?

Weaving emotion into your email marketing can be as simple as linking your activity to a particular motivating emotion to reinforce a CTA.

Consider the overall aim of your email marketing to understand the emotion that could best facilitate enhanced results and help to drive impactful messaging.

Working in tandem with an experienced email marketing agency can help you to identify the best route forwards, but here are just a few ways in which it can be achieved.

Fear of missing out (FOMO)

A limited-time sale accompanied by a countdown can drive people to act through fear that they might miss out on a deal.

Excitement from feeling valued

Knowing that you are a valued customer can be something that makes you feel like you’re seen as a VIP by a brand. Getting a promotional code on your birthday or ‘because you were missed’ can entice customers into shopping with you.

Even something as simple as personalisation of emails can make someone feel more seen because you’re addressing them by name.

Belonging to something more

Feeling like part of a group or community makes people believe they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Inviting people into your brand’s community can generate more interest – especially if there are benefits to being part of the “in” crowd.

United in confronting an issue

When you’re aiming to confront a societal issue or injustice as a brand, your messaging can combine the sense of belonging with anger and outrage surrounding the issue in question. Knowing you are part of a wider movement that is tackling something negative can foster positive emotions, which can motivate someone to follow the CTA on a page or in an email.

These are just a few of the ways in which emotions can be used within marketing, but there are a multitude of other methods that can suit specific angles. The main point to consider is ensuring that the emotion which is flowing through your messaging is both authentic and genuine. If your audience picks up on a disingenuous emotion that is being used to manipulate action, they may be turned off from your brand.

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