Countdown to Brexit: Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media

Purpose Media
Katrina Starkie

With the countdown to Brexit quickly ticking away, Business Link Magazine has invited some of the region’s businesses to offer their thoughts. Here we talk to Katrina Starkie, Director at Purpose Media, who is urging businesses to not let the current uncertainties surrounding Brexit delay or derail their future plans.

Brexit has created wave after wave of uncertainty among businesses. Our messy divorce from the EU is set to conclude in March 2019 and at this stage, we don’t know what the final settlement will look like.

Serious attention still needs to be given to what will happen to trade, customs, borders and migration as the UK transitions itself out of the European trading bloc.

We still don’t know how businesses will be paying VAT, how they can move people between offices, or whether goods will get across borders with a minimum of fuss.

Businesses will still need clear and detailed answers about many of the practical, real-world questions they face. Many of these answers will emerge only through the negotiations, which is why it’s never been more vital that negotiators on both sides crack on and make a deal that works for everyone.

But businesses also need to crack on, rather than wait for answers which may never materialise, or be a long time coming.

Despite all the negativity and confusion surrounding the ongoing negotiations, we believe that businesses which have a strong and well thought out plan in place will be able to weather the storm. There is a world of opportunity out there for firms with the ambition to expand their horizons.

The truth is, at this stage, we simply can’t say with any certainty what will happen to the UK’s economy after Brexit. So, why hang around waiting for things that may never materialise when you can be planning for your post-Brexit future now?

Brexit will undoubtedly create huge challenges for business, but with those will come opportunities. Businesses need to be brave and grab them with both hands. If you have clear objectives, a vision of how to get there and a strategy to make it happen, you can still succeed, in spite of Brexit.