Most consumers would opt for companies that use renewables

Credit: J. Rao

73% of consumers in the UK would choose products from companies that use renewable energy over those that don’t, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Ørsted, explores attitudes towards the purchase of goods from supermarkets, as well as food and beverages, clothing, electronics and beauty products.

It indicates there is strong commercial benefit to pursuing a cleaner, greener business strategy with consumers consciously preferring businesses that use renewable energy sources.

For example, 73% of consumers would choose a retailer that uses renewable energy, over one that doesn’t, while 86% of consumers believe it’s worth buying products made using 100% renewable energy.

“We know that a move to green energy makes sense for the environment, but these latest statistics show that it is also good for business, making renewable energy a commercial choice as well as an ethical one,” said Jeff Whittingham, MD of Ørsted Sales UK.

The survey demonstrates a clear benefit for businesses taking a more environmentally conscious approach to retail and production processes. Many consumers also said they would be willing to pay more for products made using 100% renewable energy.