247 Time to help NHS eradicate high cost shifts

247 Time, the Leicester-based HR solutions software provider, is set to step in with an innovative solution that could save the NHS millions of pounds in wage bills.

The company is proposing an solution to a change of rules introduced by NHSi regarding high cost shifts and the implementation of fresh legislation regarding shifts that exceed 50% above NHSi price caps.

In a recent letter to UK Trusts, NHSi said weekly collections show there are still a significant number of high cost shifts being procured, although the number of shifts procured at or over £120 an hour has reduced since the requirement for chief executive sign off before they are worked.

The letter goes on to say: “We will therefore be reducing this sign-off limit to cover any shift above price cap where the cost is £100 per hour or over.

“To give visibility of these shifts in future, we will require that any shift 50% or more above the relevant price cap but with an hourly rate of under £100 is signed off by an executive director before being worked and reported to us as part of weekly returns.”

NHSi is urging Trusts to put mechanisms urgently – with 247 Time ready to step in to help.

David Brooks, managing director at the company said: “This urgent letter demands instant attention by all NHS Trusts, and we’re helping our NHS clients by adding a ‘Capped Trigger Rates’ application to our system. These are loaded by 247 Time into its system in addition to a Trust’s normal rate card,” says David.

If, during the booking process, a Trust employee attempts to complete a booking at or above the trigger rate, an automated e-mail is sent to a list of one or more Trust employees who are authorised, as per the NHSi rules.

The link will take the relevant person to a summary page detailing the Department, length of booking, grade and person who has agreed the rate internally. The relevant authorised person can then either approve or reject the booking.

Upon approval the booking would proceed as normal. Should the booking be rejected, this would prompt the original booker within the Trust to resubmit a compliant booking within the system.

David added: “Our software will show that all approvals and rejections are recorded by time, date and name and this data could populate the 247 Time NHSi report currently available via the 247 Time system.

“We’d urge all NHS Trusts to get in touch with us to discover how they can comply with the new NHSi directive, and how we can help them eradicate high cost shifts.”