Nottingham manufacturer secures first UAE order for building sensor technology solutions

UK smart building sensor technology manufacturer, Pressac Communications, has secured its first order in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to supply its wireless building sensor technology, following approval by the UAE radio communications governing body, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Nottingham based Pressac, which employs 45 people at its Glaisdale Drive manufacturing facility, received TRA approval at the end of last year, to become an authorised dealer in the UAE and has individually registered its range of smart building sensor products for monitoring energy, environment and occupancy. Without this registration, manufacturers are prohibited from selling to the UAE. The registration initially lasts for five years, securing Pressac’s ability to supply to the UAE until 2022.

Occupancy, environmental and energy monitoring solutions have received approval, which include current sensors to measure energy usage to get an instant view of the energy at a machine, room or zone level.

Bob Smith, Technical Director at Pressac said: “The UAE has strict regulation for radio and telecommunications equipment, so being registered as a TRA authorised dealer and being officially registered to supply our building sensor technology products with the UAE presents a significant future opportunity for us.

“Securing our first occupancy and temperature monitoring project within the UAE worth over £20,000 is a huge achievement for Pressac. Using various ways to detect the presence of people within a building helps facilities and building managers create significant energy efficiencies and cost savings.”