New Ibstock Brick plant doubles output at Leicestershire HQ


Secretary of State for Communities James Brokenshire has opened a new Ibstock Brick factory in Ibstock, which will allow the company to double output at its Leicestershire HQ.

The company currently makes more than 850m bricks a year at 20 factories across the UK, and says the new plant, the most sustainable and efficient of its kind, is a statement of Ibstock Brick’s commitment to support the Government’s ambition to deliver 1.5m homes by 2020.

The new factory, which has been named Eclipse, will provide enough bricks to build 10,000 to 15,000 additional new homes each year.

Mr Brokenshire said: “This Government is determined to build a housing market fit for the future, and Ibstock Brick’s new factory will play an important role in the construction supply chain, supporting housebuilding across the country.

“Producing around 100 million more bricks a year, the site will not only support the local economy and provide local jobs but will also help us to build the next generation of homes our country needs.”

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, said: “Ibstock Brick’s new Eclipse factory is a significant investment in our local economy. It sends a signal across the East Midlands, and indeed the rest of the UK, that Leicestershire is leading the way in British manufacturing excellence. This factory is a beacon of sustainability best practice; both in terms of its low impacts on the environment and its connection and engagement with the local community. I am delighted to be a part of today’s proceedings and very proud that the Eclipse factory will bring continued growth to my constituency.”

Joe Hudson, CEO of Ibstock PLC, said: “We are extremely proud of Eclipse and we welcome the opportunity to share it with them. This is not only British manufacturing at its best; it is proof of our commitment to support the construction sector deliver on the Government’s ambition to build new homes and infrastructure. Our investment will also bring significant benefits to the local economy in terms of employment, opportunity and skills.

“We hope that our Eclipse factory sends a powerful message to everyone in the housing and construction supply chain that we are doing more than any other UK supplier to meet their needs in terms of availability, quality and service.”

The new Eclipse factory takes 21st century British manufacturing excellence to a new level. Located on an old landfill site and close to its principal source of raw materials, it covers an area the size of six football pitches. State of the art robotic technology ensures precision and efficiency. Whilst innovative building design concepts and sensitive landscaping will reduce the company’s environmental impact and demand on natural resources.