£20m export deal win for Castle Donington motorcycle manufacturer

A series of new deals for British and Japanese companies, worth over £200 million has been announced, during a visit by the Japanese Prime Minister.

Castle Donington motorcycle company Norton was revealed to be amongst these companies, signing a new £20m export deal to Japan, which will support 200 jobs in the UK and see around 1,000 new motorbikes sold to Japanese customers over the next five years.

Kay Johnson, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Norton motorcycles said: “Norton have an agreement with our distributor, PCI Limited in Japan which will run over a five-year term to manufacture over 1,000 bikes and will achieve an estimated value of £5m.

“We very much look forward to growing our workforce to support the demand for motorbikes in this territory and, in doing so, continue to build a strong trading business with Japan.”