Government failing to deliver on small business procurement promise

Credit: pitchr

Recently released data shows Central Government spend with SMEs has decreased.

In response to this, Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman, Mike Cherry, said: “Government is wasting taxpayers money when just hiring big firms. The latest drop in Central Government small business spend shows urgent action is needed.

“These figures are unacceptable and reaffirms the belief that small businesses face a fixed procurement system which is preventing them getting a fair share of public contracts. Government must do more to reach its promise of increasing procurement spend with SMEs to 33% by 2020.

“Every Government department must increase value for money through opening up public procurement to more small businesses.

Smaller firms need to be given every chance to compete and secure public contract opportunities. Opening up the public service market is a win-win for everyone involved in the supply chain because when small businesses are used effectively, they are able to create jobs and growth.”