East Midlands business leaders learn to change at Vistage Open Day

Paul McGee

Over 100 business leaders gathered at the iPRO Stadium, the home of Derby County Football Club, recently for an eagerly-awaited Vistage Open Day.

The high-profile audience heard from Paul McGee, who delivered a keynote speech entitled Self Leadership – Inspiring Others. The theme of Paul’s speech was that leadership must begin with how we lead ourselves. This in turn, said Paul, impacts how we lead and inspire others.

McGee told the audience: “Never underestimate the power of appreciation. Don’t wait until Christmas to show your staff how much you appreciate them – do it throughout the year. Ask yourself: How are you making your team know that they’re making a difference. Change can be uncomfortable for a lot of people – and that’s okay – so if you’re implementing change in your business, give your staff the support they need to go on the journey with you. Tell them it’s okay not to feel okay.”

The highly practical, interactive, humorous workshop explored why leaders so often miss the obvious when it comes to how they deal with themselves and others. Whilst getting the processes and systems in place is crucial, the focus of the workshop was encapsulated in the phrase “It’s about the people, stupid!”

Paul McGee is one of Europe’s leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His provocatively titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) became an instant best seller as did his follow up book SUMO Your Relationships. Building on his background in psychology, Paul’s aim is to deliver a practical, relevant message that can make an immediate impact on people’s professional and personal lives.