Time Out – Andy Cash, Director at Cartwright King Solicitors


It’s almost the weekend, and to wind down East Midlands Business Link are starting a new series – ‘Time Out’ – where professionals can relax with a few fun quick fire questions.

This Time Out features Derby based Andy Cash, Director at Cartwright King Solicitors, who it turns out is keen surfer ready to start up on a new planet.


1.What is the first thing you do to get the weekend started?                                                I always have Fish and chips and bottle of red with my wife on Friday evening.

2.What is your hobby?                                                                                                       I go out surfing when I can and look after my @86 T Bar MR2 3.

3.What is your favourite movie?                                                                                        My favourite movie has to be Big Wednesday.

4.If you hadn’t been successful at what you do, what would you be doing instead as a career?                                                                                                                       I’d be an oceanographer or maybe running an antiquarian book shop.

5.If you could have any superpower what would it be?                                             Instant Travel

6.What is your favourite genre of music/artist?                                                                  There is so much music I cannot listen to or list it all, Gram Parsons, English folk, Chicago blues, early chamber music, John Grant, Howling Bells, and I just heard of a new group called Locks from south London.

7.If you could travel to any moment in time where would you go?                                        I would travel to join the first off earth settlement in the year…….?