Referendum slowdown fears unfounded according to new poll of UK business leaders

Photo credit - Dave Kellam - - flagging support - CC BY-SA 2.0

Two thirds of UK firms say they’ve seen no negative impact on their business caused by the EU referendum, according to a new poll released to mark one year since the government’s general election victory.

The poll of 1,300 business leaders, carried out during April and May by Bingham-based business data website Company Check, found that 65% hadn’t experienced any negative impact on their business as a result of the upcoming vote on June 23rd, compared to 35% who said they had.

A year on from the election result which delivered the first majority Conservative government for 19 years, almost two thirds (57%) of those surveyed said they didn’t think the government had done a good job so far. However, 70% of those who were asked also said they wouldn’t change the way they had voted if they had the chance.

Meanwhile, results were split three ways in response to the question “is your business in a better or worse position than it was a year ago”, with 30% saying “better”, 35% saying “worse” and 35% saying “the same”.

Chloe Webber, operations director for Company Check, said: “We get three million users coming to our site every month, which makes us one of the biggest business communities in the country. When it comes to the big economic and political issues affecting the UK right now, their opinions are the ones that really matter.

“It’s not for me to say whether we should vote to leave or remain. What’s more important is for the Government to hear what the voters who turned out this time last year really think. Hopefully our research will help to make sure their views are heard”.

The poll was carried out through Company Check’s website between April 11th and May 5th 2016.

The four-question survey canvassed 1,300 users for their thoughts on the government’s performance to date, as well as their views on the business impact, if any, of the EU referendum to date.