Q&A with Rob Day, Chairman and Founder of Blueprint Interiors

Rob Day, Blueprint Interiors Founder and Chairman.

We recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Rob Day, Chairman and Founder of Blueprint Interiors, to find out more about the company, the importance of people and what’s in store for the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about Blueprint Interiors?

In a nutshell, we’re workplace consultants and office design and fit out specialists. Our ultimate aim is to create environments that have a positive impact on the people that use them. Practically, our work involves transforming average spaces into inspiring workplaces that prioritise wellbeing and where people feel empowered to achieve their goals. We’ve been operating for just over 17 years now and are based in Ashby, working with clients from across the Midlands.

Why is Blueprint’s focus on ‘people’ so important in your office design process?

When you focus on your people first, it allows you to create a workplace that helps them to excel in their jobs. It’s important because it can be the difference between a thriving business filled with happy and passionate people and an average one filled with indifferent or unhappy people. I think businesses can sometimes forget the fact that they’re employing human beings rather than assets, so it’s always important to bring the focus back to that human element. You can then look at how to provide the ideal built environment filled with resources that allow your people to ‘get things done’.

How do your clients benefit from this approach?

As a result of having a business full of happier, motivated and more productive people (which is ultimately the most important thing!) our clients often see a tangible commercial return from their investment in transforming their workplace. Our favourite stat is that surveys have shown the return on investment for spend on wellbeing initiatives is £4.17 per £1 spent! Clients also tell us that they feel proud to invite potential customers, suppliers and new staff to their office once it’s been renovated because of the positive staff and company culture that they can promote through their office design alone. There’s nothing better than someone walking through the door and the first thing they say is ‘wow’.

Who do you work with?

We work with clients who really care about how their workplace makes their people feel and understand the value in creating a people-focused environment. We’ve worked with a whole range of organisations from architectural firms to financial advisors to schools. Last year we completed the design and fit out for the new-build MIRA Technology Institute in Nuneaton where the team have told us how students are benefiting massively from studying in such an inspirational environment.

Tell us about your own workplace.

WorkLife Central is our home in Ashby – our ‘living’ offices and design showroom. It’s hard to get a sense of how clever design really can have an impact on an office space without seeing it in the flesh, so we created an environment where visitors can come and experience what their own workplace could become. We’re always adapting WorkLife Central to reflect the latest solutions from our market-leading suppliers in technology, lighting, furniture, break out areas and acoustics, so it’s a great place to come and get some inspiration.

What’s coming up for Blueprint this year?

We’ve had our first full year here in Ashby at WorkLife Central and the feedback from clients, staff and our supply chain has been beyond our expectations. We’ll have grown by 40% this year alone and next year we expect to see a 25% expansion based on our forecasts.

It’s our ambition to be the partner of choice in the Midlands to deliver incredible workplaces for our clients to help them transform their businesses.

We’ve got some exciting projects across the whole Midlands in the pipeline already this year so we’re looking forward to being able to share the results of those through our blogs and website: www.blueprintinteriors.com.

We’ve invested in the West Midlands in particular with Dan Zastawny’s appointment to increase our profile here. Our marketing and networking investment continue to grow with a much greater engagement in the wider Midlands business community.

We believe that it’s vital to consider the Midlands as a single economic area – the government focus on investment through the Midlands Engine is a clear invitation to think in this way.

We’re also sponsoring the Architects of the Year category at the East Midlands Bricks Awards which is always a fantastic event to be involved in.

Finally, we’ll be celebrating our 18th Birthday this summer so watch out for big news on all fronts!

For more information, visit www.blueprintinteriors.com,
email hello@blueprintinteriors.com, or call 01530 223111.