PKF assembles “Brexit Brigade” to tackle uncertainty

PKF Cooper Parry's "Brexit Brigade"

In response to the widespread bemusement surrounding the implications of Britain leaving the European Union, PKF Cooper Parry has assembled a team of professional advisors called the “Brexit Brigade”.

The squad of “superheroes” are on a mission to fight Brexit uncertainty. The team comprises of tax partner Matt Hodgson and tax director Suki Kaur, corporate finance director Ben Rookes, restructuring director Jeremy Birch, wealth director Jonathan Elsigood, business finance manager Mark Huddlestone and audit partner Andrew Honarmand.

Ade Cheatham, CEO of PKF Cooper Parry, said: “The business community is currently asking lots of questions, so our fearless team in the Brexit Brigade will seek out some of the answers and find out how the UK will trade and interact with its European neighbours in a post-Brexit world”.

The team, which will take a look at the current state of the post-Brexit economy, aims to dispel some of the myths concerning Brexit and will seek to advise the region’s businesses on what the UK’s decision to leave the EU will really mean to them.