Notts manufacturer offers factory for COVID-19 equipment production

Jim Griffin

A company in Nottinghamshire that makes parts for the automotive industry has offered its premises and equipment for the production of PPE or any other essential products in the fight against COVID-19.

Interflex 2000 in Langar has temporarily furloughed its production staff as the company’s customers, which are mainly UK vehicle manufacturers, have also ceased production.

In normal times, Interflex make and supply a range of NVH and sealing solutions for vehicles including door seals, interior trim, under carpet and boot seals. They also coat and cut materials such as the fabric used for arm rests.

This means that the company has equipment that could be useful in a range of contexts, from storage to manufacturing, such as making components for sound absorption in ventilator equipment.

The equipment that Interflex has available includes die cutting facilities to cut out components made from soft materials, as well as hot melt coating facilities and water based adhesive coating facilities. The company also has kiss cutting equipment suitable for sealing or spacer materials useful for seals around medical visors.

Managing Director Jim Griffin said: “In the current situation, we are unable to manufacture for customers, but it seems a waste to have equipment and staff available at a time when the country urgently needs products that we could help supply. If nothing else, we have a large facility so can utilise space to help reconfigure packages or offer storage as required.”