Nottingham professional set to launch marketing career website

Jo Walchester

A Nottingham marketing professional is set to launch a new website aimed at offering advice, resources and career options for her colleagues in the sector.

Jo Walchester will unveil at a special event at the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham on 25th November.

The inspiration for Marketing Career Path came from Walchester’s experiences after quitting university at the height of the last recession.

She said: “When I dropped out of university there were very few career opportunities available to me – I felt like I was on the scrapheap at 19. That was until I had my career ‘Eureka’ moment and got an apprenticeship based in the marketing department of a public sector organisation.”

Walchester progressed quickly, and she now has six years’ marketing experience behind her. She added: “I wanted to create a one stop resource that explains all the career avenues in to marketing, also drawing on the career challenges I and many others have faced to provide a clear outlook of the options people have available to them to help them make better informed decisions about how to progress on in their marketing careers.

“I had the idea for Marketing Career Path several years ago but I had to bide my time because I needed more experience to be able to execute it true to my vision and that experience has and still is being gained through employment.”

Walchester, who is the marketing manager for law firm Rothera Dowson, says that she is still learning her trade: “There is still so much I have to learn about business. Managing the marketing for an organisation of this size and nature equips me with a huge amount of experience that I can then pool into my own project, likewise there are many skills I have developed through building the website that I now utilise in my day job so its quite complementary.”

Walchester has plans to monetise Marketing Career Path. She said: “I think there are multiple revenue streams that could open up through advertising and recruitment but they will come further down the line. Right now I want to focus on ensuring the website is unique in that it offers an independent and unbiased look at all the options available to marketers. I have been so busy setting the website up that I can’t wait to get to the bit I love – the marketing.”

“I plan to grow the website organically and then perhaps go for funding to take it to bigger platform in the future.”