INEOS obtains permission to take Nottinghamshire fracking evaluation to High Court

Credit: Calin Tatu

INEOS Shale has been granted permission to pursue its application to undertake a geophysical survey in Clumber Park, a Grade I listed area, to the High Court. The case will be heard by a judge who has the power to grant INEOS access to National Trust land – where similar surveys have been carried out before.

In referring the matter to the High Court, the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) noted the UK Government’s support for a shale industry in the UK and that the geophysical survey is required to explore for resources in its licenced area.

The Trust has previously refused to meet to negotiate terms and conditions, in disagreement about the environmental impact.

Lynn Calder, Commercial Director of INEOS Shale, said: “Legal action has been the last resort and we have used powers which prevent landowners from blocking projects which benefit the wider community and the nation as a whole. These surveys are both routine and necessary across the UK, including on National Trust land.

“INEOS’ continued investment in shale represents the confidence that it has in its long-term potential. If shale gas proves to be successful in the UK, it provides the UK economy with highly competitive energy and it provides enormous levels of investment and jobs in the North of England where they are desperately needed.

“Manufacturing jobs are not created without investment and there is precious little investment in the North of England in manufacturing. Recent figures on jobs and investment estimate that the shale industry is expected to bring in £33 billion of investment into England alone over the next two decades.”