Ideafuel Creative expands team, rebrands and launches as IF creative

Left to right: Laura Nickson, senior marketing creative; Shaun Cole, account director; Carol Pass, managing director; James Berridge, designer; Liam Mitchell-Dolby, designer; and Ben Trafford, creative director

Lincoln-based design agency Ideafuel Creative has implemented major changes to its organisation, with the company recently appointing creative director Ben Trafford and senior marketing creative Laura Nickson and rebranding as IF creative.

Carol Pass, managing director, said: “We are delighted to announce our new team.”

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and continually assess what we’re doing as a business and why. The expansion allows us to offer an increased spectrum of services to our clients, including marketing, illustration and digital design. We’re driving forward to deliver the best creative solutions to businesses in Lincoln and throughout the East Midlands.”

Discussing the company’s rebrand, account director Shaun Cole added: “We have made some important decisions to the direction of the company. With the new team in place, it was a great opportunity to really focus on our identity, core values and vision.”

Pass said: “We wanted to focus on the possibilities, the innovation and most importantly, the quality of our design. We don’t just come up with great ideas; we implement them, develop them and create visually engaging designs that are impossible to ignore.”

The development of the IF creative brand has been a collaborative project, incorporating input from every member of the team.

Trafford said: “It was extremely challenging working on something so close to our hearts, but it has been incredibly rewarding to see the passion, drive and ambition from everyone involved.

“I absolutely love our new identity and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

IF creative will maintain their residency at the Think Tank facility, located at The University of Lincoln campus, benefitting from their state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary environment.

Pass added: “We are constantly moving forward and will continue to develop and tailor our services to really keep our customers ahead of the game. Our clients are just as excited as we are about the launch of IF creative and will benefit from the stronger team and clarified vision.”

The changes took effect yesterday (21st March).