Former apprentice at Gelder Group commits to mentoring the next generation

Tom Potter
A former apprentice at the multi-award-winning construction firm Gelder Group has committed to supporting the next generation, by mentoring a new apprentice from Lincoln College. 
Joe Kendal, from Saxilby, Lincoln, joined the Lincolnshire-based company in March 2014 as an apprentice from the same college, before being appointed as a full-time insurance building surveyor at the firm in 2016. 
Following Joe’s own pathway into employment with Gelder Group, he has volunteered to mentor Tom Potter; an apprentice surveyor in the firm’s insurance department.
Joe said: “Gelder Group’s commitment to training was pivotal in my career progression and I wanted to give something back to others who are starting out in the industry. I’ve been led by Gelder’s example and it’s important to me to help others especially as I know how impactful the apprentice program was for me.
“Being able to mentor Tom is rewarding as we can both help each other out and he is already a great asset to us. Tom is enthusiastic and asks the right questions, and I can assist him with his practical and classroom learning since I have completed the same qualifications.”
A typical day for Joe consists of splitting his time between visits to customer’s properties around the Midlands and in the office preparing estimates. Some of the knowledge he will pass on to Tom will include insight into the various systems and processes of insurance companies as well as validating claims.
Tom, from Lincoln, was selected to an undertake an apprenticeship at Gelder Group, which will run from 2016 to 2018, and he will graduate from Lincoln College in May.
Since its formation in 1988, Gelder Group has trained 300 apprentices, including 42 in the last three years, 96% of which have been offered full time employment with the firm at the end of their apprenticeship. The company also recently announced that it will double its apprentice intake over the next three years. 
As part of Tom’s apprenticeship and Joe’s mentoring, they will both be attending the Insurance Apprentice Academy in Sheffield next week; an event to bring together apprentices and their mentors to get to know each other and share best practice.
Tom said: “I’m really pleased to be undertaking my apprenticeship at Gelder Group, which is a close-knit company with a very friendly and vibrant atmosphere. The company is a leader in the area and in investing in and training young people. The opportunity to join the business and learn from the skilled team is invaluable. The fact that Steve Gelder, CEO of Gelder Group, started as an apprentice gives me something to aspire to.
“I’d like to thank Joe, he has already been a huge help and I know he is there if I need any guidance. I look forward to further learning at Gelder Group and college and to attending the Insurance Apprentice Academy next week with Joe.”