First globally recognised health and safety standard

health and safety
shutterstock/Panchenko Vladimir

From 12 March UK manufacturers have the opportunity to become certified to the world’s first globally recognised health & safety standard with the opportunity to train their internal auditors via a new course being launched by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation.

The new standard will bring a number of new concepts such as leadership, continuous improvement and stakeholder management and for health & safety it presents an opportunity for businesses to be more strategic, including the requirement to look at the wider health and safety implications of the supply chain, i.e. procurement, outsourcing as well as contractors.

For global businesses it provides a framework to manage health & safety consistently across international borders and ensure that it is managed and measured consistently. For small and medium size businesses it will also bring them in to line with international approaches to risk management and will give them an edge when competing for global contracts.

In response EEF is launching its first IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) approved course in partnership with QMS Skills Ltd to help companies gain the auditing skills needed to help facilitate the transition to ISO 45001 certification. By completing the course attendees will gain IRCA certification which is recognised internationally with many organisations using it as a benchmark requirement for auditors.

Commenting, Mike Denison, EEF Health & Safety Consultant, said: “EEF and QMS are working closely to provide a full suite of IRCA approved auditor courses to assist organisations to understand better what is expected of an audit and the auditor. IRCA approval is widely recognised as a high standard of auditor training.”