Fancy a chat? Law firm develops new Chat Bot for drivers

Andrew Kerrigan looks at DriverBot.

East Midlands law firm Sills & Betteridge has launched a new and unique interactive online tool to assist drivers with their motoring law questions.

Called “Driver Bot,” it is believed that this online tool is unique and the first of its kind in the UK to be made available to the public for free. Driver Bot will provide users with information tailored to their circumstances in seconds, and can be easily accessed via the firm’s website

Until this chat bot was launched, motorists requiring information on road traffic laws were limited to visiting either government or legal websites. Generally, both require the user to trawl through and digest a significant amount of information to find the answer they need, or a requirement to pay for legal advice.

The bot is quick, easy and free to use. It asks questions in a short text message format to gain answers from the user before providing them with the information they require.  It is also supported by on line advisors who can join the conversation if the bot is unable to find the answer they are seeking.

Andrew Kerrigan, Associate Solicitor at Sills & Betteridge created the Driver Bot. He said: “Working in the legal profession I understand that there are still barriers which put people off accessing legal advice. Those barriers include cost, nervousness, uncertainty about what to ask, and the perceived inconvenience of trying to get hold of a decent, knowledgeable lawyer. The bot is designed very much to overcome these barriers to build user confidence and enable them to access information that will resolve their situation or flag up when the need instruct a lawyer.”

The launch of the bot marks the start of a journey at Sills & Betteridge to develop a programme of useful online tools and other legal tech initiatives.