Employer academy prepares learners for renewal energy career opportunities

Lindhurst Engineering anaerobic digestion system at the University of Nottingham

A wide range of students at Derby College will be introduced to the far-reaching career opportunities available in the growing renewable energies industry thanks to a partnership with two local businesses.

SASIE in Nottingham specialises in the development, installation and training within renewable energies, and Lindhurst Engineering in Sutton in Ashfield has diversified from its success in fabrication and is now breaking new ground in Anaerobic Digestion systems.

Both companies will be organising site visits and master classes for Engineering, A-level, Electrical, Plumbing and IT students based at Derby College’s Roundhouse and Ilkeston campuses over the coming months.

Existing first year students and those enrolling at the College over the summer will then be invited to apply to become part of the SASIE & Lindhurst Renewable Energy Academy which will launch in September.

The Academy will be part of Derby College’s Employer Academy programme which aims to boost students’ employability skills and job prospects.

It also gives employers the opportunity to shape the College curriculum and reduce their costs for recruiting young people into job and apprenticeship roles after their College course.

Martin Rigley, Managing Director at Lindhurst Engineering, said: “We have secured Government and European funding to develop five test sites across Europe, including with the University of Nottingham, which will revolutionise the treatment of waste and convert the bio gas produced into electricity.

“Once we go to market for this technology, we envisage that at least 50 jobs will be created locally and these will include a large proportion of apprenticeships with a view to the future talent pipeline.

“Derby College has developed a great model with the Employer Academies and businesses need to be prepared to invest in young people to involve, invigorate them and show them the career opportunities available to them in this industry.”

Mo Kelly, Managing Director of SASIE Engineering, added: “We have also won European and National funding for the development of its own Renewable MonoEnergy solution for Low Temp District Heating.

“It is important to show the joined up approach required to make maximum use of renewable energies and our company will be introducing students to a wide range of systems including solar PV, solar thermal, heat pumps, Biomass and wind turbines.

“The industry is growing rapidly and it is therefore crucial that we work proactively with young people to ensure we have the skilled workforce in place to take advantage of the growth both in the UK and across the world.

“As installers and a training provider, we are looking to expand our workforce with apprenticeships and it makes sense to be working with Derby College students to engage with them as they embark on the next stage of their training.”

Derby College Business Development Director, April Hayhurst said: “As a College, our mission is to work proactively with employers to ensure that the curriculum we have in place today will meet their needs in the future.

“Working alongside these two businesses at the cutting edge of a high growth industry will benefit both businesses and our students and we look forward to developing the special programme for Academy members over the coming months.”