Chesterfield financial planner offers free classes for women in business

Suzanne Jeakins

Chesterfield-based financial planner Suzanne Jeakins is hosting free masterclasses for female business owners.

Suzanne, financial planner at Banner Jones Wealth Management, is running a series of women in business masterclasses to help owner-managers of small to medium sized enterprises manage their finances. The first masterclass on Wednesday 8 May will demystify pensions and cover how to create a financial plan.

She said: “There are lots of great businesses in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire led by women who know their sector well but may lack confidence in financial matters which can hold them back. 

“If you are a business owner or manager and would like to enhance your financial knowledge, are nearing retirement or are starting to look at selling your business, it’s an opportunity to get free advice.”

The masterclasses will all be held at Maison MesAmis in Chesterfield. The first on Wednesday 8th May will cover pensions and how to create a financial plan. The second on Wednesday 5th June will focus on investments and life assurance.

Banner Jones Wealth Management is a joint venture between Banner Jones Solicitors which has its headquarters in Chesterfield, and Future Life Wealth Management which is based in Renishaw near Sheffield. The company provides wealth management advice, financial planning and legal advice for businesses, individuals, trustees and inheritors of wealth.