2015: Year in review – Denise Williamson, BookWise Solutions

Has 2015 gone better, worse or as expected for your business?

It has been a fantastic year for us at BookWise Solutions for a number of reasons. We have continued to create a number of new relationships with medical facilities across the UK, as well as extending our offering to our already established partners.

The development of a new line of software has also been well received by a number of our partners, and continues to play a key role in the operations of many medical practices, freeing up staff time and maximising patient care.

2015 has also seen a record £500,000 turnover for the business, resulting in the recruitment of additional staff and the opening of a new office in Melbourne, Australia.

What has been the highlight and lowlight of the year?

Being recognised at the Burton Mail Business Awards was a particular highlight for the team, where we were the recipients of the Small Business of the Year award. The award is a great reflection of all the hard work the team have put in this year, providing exemplary service to all of our partners and clients.

Whilst the setup of our Australian office is a landmark achievement for the business, the logistics of hiring new staff and launching a new branch of the company on the opposite side of the world proved to be harder than anticipated. Now up and running, we’re excited to see what impact BookWise software will have on the Australian market.

What one thing could the government do to ensure the economy performs well in 2016?

For BookWise, one of the key government decisions that will impact directly on our business in 2016 is the investment into the public sector and its services. There is still a lot of work to be done within the NHS to streamline internal processes, and adequate funding will allow us to achieve this.

Furthermore, a reduction in taxes for SMEs is key to ensuring strong business development across the region and a boost to the economy. It’s only fair that larger corporations contribute their fair share.