Role switch for Yü Group Board Director

Yü Group’s Board Director, Garry Pickering, is to take on a new role within the Group, effective immediately.

Garry will now focus on the hedging, risk management and operational forecasting and analysis activities required of a gas and electricity portfolio. As Director of Trading Services, Garry will also explore external development opportunities to expand the Group’s gas shipping services and other specialised energy trading related solutions. Garry will retire his PLC Board duties to focus on this new role.

Bobby Kalar, Chief Executive of Yü Group, the Nottingham-based supplier of gas, electricity and water to the UK business sector, said: “Garry has been with the Group since before we listed on AIM and his specialist knowledge of the electricity and gas markets gained in over 20 years in the industry is invaluable.

“The Board is keen to leverage that knowledge for greater Group benefit and recognise that his skill set lies in the technical side of risk management and designing new services. I am delighted that the business will continue to benefit from his niche expertise in a role dedicated to manage risk, trading and hedging whilst also exploring new growth opportunities, including our gas shipping offering.

“Garry will remain an integral part of the team as we implement our strategy and focus on the key areas that will ensure our long-term profitable growth.”