New appointments and promotions at Paragon Law

L – R: Emma Okenyi, Poppy Lockwood, Maaria Mahmood, Decla Palmer, Holly Costema, Charlotte Roberts, Kirin Abbas, Emily Bodden-Burton, Martha Kagusuma, Maria Markopoulou, Yingxiang (Jo) Long

Nottingham immigration law firm, Paragon Law, has appointed Emma Okenyi, Decla Palmer and Karen Rimmer to start training contracts at the firm.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Roberts and Jo Long have joined the expanding corporate immigration department as legal caseworkers. Emily Bodden-Burton has passed the Law Society Level 2 immigration law accreditation and has been promoted to a senior caseworker.

Maaria Mahmood has been promoted to legal secretary in the personal immigration department whilst Holly Costema has been promoted from legal secretary to the finance department.

Maria Markopoulou joins Paragon Law as trainee operations manager with a particular interest in human resources management and manages a team including new apprentice administrators, Poppy Lockwood and Martha Kagusuma.

Kirin Abbas, Paragon Law’s legal services director said: “That each of the new recruits were the outstanding candidates during the recruitment process and those that have been promoted have been done so because of their hard work and because of their shared values with the firm.”

She added: “I am particularly delighted with our strong relationship with the two universities in Nottingham with six of the recruits coming from there.  We are not only doing our share to recruit talent into Nottingham but also ensuring that it is retained after graduation”.