Consultancy’s waste team grows by one third in 10 months

From left: Harry Caulfield, Kellie-Marie Burston, Howard Jones, Andy Stocks, Sarah Venning, Jon Clark, and Lizzy Gibney, who form Caulmert’s specialist waste team.

The waste team at an engineering, environmental and planning consultancy has grown by one third in the last ten months.

The rapid expansion at Caulmert reflects a move by clients away from big, general practices to niche operators capable of hiring first class expertise, says associate director, Andy Stocks.

Today, Caulmert’s waste team totals nine specialists, following recruitment of three additional personnel within the last year.

Based in the company’s Nottingham office, they are currently working on waste and minerals schemes as varied as: waste water treatment, CHP biomass plant, landfill restoration and closure, leachate treatment facilities, soils treatment facilities, and handling of mining waste.

Andy, who heads up the waste team, said: “Twenty years ago, many of the big consultancies had dedicated waste teams. As landfill has declined, a lot of those major players decided to focus away from not just landfill, but waste overall, so they just don’t have the specialists any more.

“Today, clients are finding that fewer firms are offering in-depth expertise from people that have worked in waste all their lives.

“At Caulmert, not only do we have a team with high levels of qualifications and knowledge, but in addition, we’ve recruited and retained people with plenty of experience working for waste management companies.”