How the use of technology can encourage workplace inclusivity

Richard Dorf.

Richard Dorf, CEO at PXtech, explains how the latest technology can safeguard businesses and open the workplace to a wider workforce.

In light of last week’s news, which highlighted the issue of discrimination towards employees in the workplace, it is clear that alternative procedures and the employment of emerging low-cost technologies could have helped to prevent this case from happening. By using these technologies in the workplace, not only can businesses safeguard their reputation, profitability and customer base, but they can also encourage workplace inclusivity by aiding employees to ensure that standards are met in a simple and straightforward way, enabling them to carry out their roles confidently.

Using traditional methods such as temperature probes and paper-based reporting is standard in food outlets, yet this leaves both the employer and employee open to error. Introducing appropriate technology to support these tasks eliminates potential issues.

The use of technology can help employers to provide a better environment for employees with disabilities and reduce the risk of issues, like those reported, occurring in the first instance. With features such as audio on apps to support difficulties such as dyslexia and flexible layout designs to assist with colour blindness or other visual impairments, as well as step by step instructions, little or no training is required. Using low cost technologies in this way mitigates any discrimination towards employees but also opens the door to a greater range of potential employees and career opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.