Press for an expert – getting known for what you know

Press for Attention PR
Greg Simpson - on a mission to tell 2020 stories by 2020

Greg Simpson of Press for Attention PR explains how to get your knowledge out there – and why it’s important to do so

In business to business PR campaigns, I’m always amazed at how few people actually market what they are paid for….their knowledge.

This goes for the majority of their marketing output, or “content” but it is especially the case with regards to what they do with the press.

The media is constantly bombarded with sales pitches masquerading as press releases. These are very quickly deleted and can often lead to a valuable media relationship being damaged before it has a chance to blossom.

In order to cut through the noise and deliver content that raises your profile, you need to rethink your PR strategy. The best way to do this is to share what you know.

When I advocate this approach to people who haven’t used it before, there is often a reticence, born of a fear of giving away the “secret sauce”. This is not the case. You aren’t aiming to deliver a complete guide to a subject, you are aiming to introduce it, highlight the key areas that your target market should be aware of and then explaining your “take” on it.

This is the key. Your “take” is the way you see the situation and the way you deal with it as an expert. Perhaps you have a process that ensures the problem will not arise in the first place or a way of working that helps smooth out any problems. Maybe the way you work means that you can repair the damage already caused?

There is always something to talk about, whether it is industry trends or changing legislation, to the macro and micro environment affecting your industry and (crucially) your customers. You know the factors that make the difference to your customers so you should show that knowledge on a wider basis.

This is the key thing to keep in mind. Stop thinking like a sales director and start thinking like your customer. What do they need to know? What will help them? Then, once you have that content in mind, it is time to place it where you know they will read about it.

If you can position your content so that it is genuinely useful, your target media will thank you for it (assuming you have matched them with your market) with valuable coverage.

The secret sauce? Think win/win.