NMCN launches manifesto for change to switch construction industry to digital world

John Homer

NMCN is calling on the construction industry to take the next steps in the fight for digital transformation as it moves towards a full asset lifecycle management approach.

The company has launched its ‘Manifesto for Change’, aiming to influence the mindset of those yet to embrace new technologies that have the power to transform the industry.

Gavin Stonard, the company’s engineering director, said: “We’re seeing major players doing great things in digital transformation in our industry and there are some amazing projects underway. However, there is a lack of consistency across the construction industry which, overall, still leaves us lagging behind many other, quicker to act industries.

“While there’s no denying we’re seeing innovations in terms of design and architecture across the country, the real benefit of digital transformation will only be realised when we align the multitude of approaches being widely talked about, but with limited movement”

The company whitepaper suggests that much of the talk around digital off-site build initiatives remains the same as it was over a decade ago, with many businesses and the industry still not making any significant changes. It suggests that by combining off-site build and digital transformation the entire construction sector could be reshaped for the future.

Gavin continued: “We believe now is the opportunity to combine the current debate on digital twins with the long-held discussion on the benefits of offsite build to change the approach to construction. It will need collaboration and standardisation, but that’s where the improvements in safety and productivity will come from.

“In the water sector, where we’re focussing our digital twin innovations, a lack of sector standardisation is particularly prevalent. We’re seeing a growing appetite for new technologies from customers, but unlike in the publicly funded highways and rail sectors, there is a fundamental lack of centralised digital transformation leadership in the privatised water sector. We believe this is a missed opportunity.”

Chief Exec John Homer added: “As a business we’re committed to thinking differently when it comes to the way we work. We recognise that there is a huge opportunity across all construction sectors and at all levels if we go on a digital transformation journey together – helping our industry to pick up its innovation pace.”