Keeping the office clean could cut productivity losses – claim


Employers could reduce the amount and cost of sick leave by keeping their premises clean, according to cleaning company Purity First.

Sick leave has been shown to cost British businesses £29billion every year, and Adriana Brigova, Co-Director of Purity First Ltd, believes that employers can help to mitigate this by keeping their premises clean, safe and well-maintained.

She said: “The health and well-being of employees and any customers that come onto business premises is paramount. Most businesses will buy in regular cleaning services for shared co-working spaces, collective offices, toilets, meeting spaces, hallways and other business areas. For others, it’s also worth buying in a periodic deep clean as an additional intensive service, and spring is the best time to do this.”

From her experience of the industry, Adriana believes that most businesses, from SMEs to large corporates, tend to buy in commercial cleaning services to ensure that their desks and co-working spaces are kept clean, safe and hygienic.

Adriana added: “Commercial cleaning services can be tailored to deliver regular office cleaning or to deep clean an entire office block depending on needs. But many companies can struggle when it comes to knowing what to look for.”

She says that spring is the perfect time to carry out a deep commercial cleaning service and it helps to create a fresh, revived and safe office space that protects the wellbeing of employees and customers whilst presenting a professional finish.

Adriana’s final piece of advice is that companies should look for referrals and recommendations, a company with a professional service and a fast response time, and a team with plenty of commercial experience.

She said: “Good commercial cleaners will use professional cleaning techniques, high-quality products and highly trained staff to deliver a great service. A business customer should always be reassured that a professional service will be delivered from the very first contact.”