FPB urges Government not to take its eye off the business ball

Ian Cass

The Forum of Private Business has warned the government not to ignore existing business issues, following a week of more Brexit squabbling.

While the Forum appreciates the government is focussing on delivering its Brexit strategy and final exit deal, Managing Director Ian Cass believes that lots of domestic issues are being ignored, and that the UK’s small businesses are suffering as a result.

Ian Cass said: “An unfortunate amount of time is being spent on internal squabbling and political positioning. In the meantime, small businesses are working to tighter margins than ever, and are dealing with issues such as late payments. Additionally, smaller suppliers are being subjected to poor behaviour from their larger customers. There has also been a decline of the high street, and there is a real lack of focus on retail in the Industrial Strategy.”

Commenting on the Pubs Code as another good example of an issue that needs addressing, Ian Cass added: “It is also ironic that today is Britain’s National Beer Day, and we still have a failing Pubs Code. We also continue to see many pubs and pub tenants in particular going out of business, while the Pubs Code Adjudicator continues to struggle to get to grips with the issue. This effects thousands of small businesses, but seems to be low on the governments priorities at the moment.”