Enterprise Partnership tells teachers where future skills will be needed

Fiona Baker
More than 70 teachers have attended a training event to discover the latest skills needs research undertaken for Leicester and Leicestershire.
Teachers from schools, colleges and academies heard an update on the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Skills for the Future 2018-2030 research findings.
The report, to be published shortly, gives an insight in to which industries are growing and will provide jobs in the future.
The report also confirms that employers perceptions of young people’s job readiness has improved significantly from 33% in the Skills for the Future report published in 2016, to 44% of the sample of employers questioned in 2018.
Fiona Baker, LLEP Strategy Lead for People (skills) said: “It is great news that more young people are now able to demonstrate they understand which skills are important to employers who are recruiting.
“We are helping educators to develop interactive resources about local labour market information so that students can identify hot and cold jobs.  The hot jobs are those in expanding sectors like logistics, storage and transport, health and life sciences, advanced manufacturing and engineering e.g. space data and artificial intelligence, and professional services.
“With well in excess of 42,000 businesses operating across Leicester and Leicestershire it is really important that schools and colleges are aware of trends and needs across local industries in order to best support young people when making careers decisions.
“Through our Enterprise Adviser Network we are also matching experienced business volunteers to work with school and college leadership teams. This builds stronger education-business links and teachers are gaining from the advice and expertise that people working in industry can provide.”
The event also presented a ‘myth busting’ update on the logistics industry with Ian Evley, a Growth Hub Business Adviser at the LLEP Business Gateway.  Ian said: “Leicestershire is a huge ‘hot spot’ for logistics, due to its central location, and employs 50,000 people, that’s approximately 10% of the jobs in the local area. It is an industry that may be unknown to a lot of young people, so I enjoyed the opportunity to offer insights on this really exciting and innovative industry sector.”
The LLEP coordinated the event as part of a wider agenda to help schools and colleges with the latest area skills needs information, and embed this knowledge into careers activities. The Skills for the Future report for 2018-2030 will be published on the LLEP website in the coming weeks.