Computer specialist says Cyber Essentials update should sound a warning

cyber security
Kevin Else

Changes to the Governments Cyber Essentials scheme have been welcomed as a warning to beef up computer security.

Kevin Else, Lincoln-based Cyber Security Partnership’s Consulting Director, says that while the original CE scheme helped provide guidance on basic cyber hygiene and a first step for many large and small organisations, it didn’t implement the security culture core to any improvement in a company’s cyber security. “Nor did it give an easy roadmap to implement higher level security if required,” he added.

CSP are monitoring the changes, to be announced in April 2020 and will keep all existing CE clients updated. All current CE certifications are still valid until their renewal dates.​

CSP agree with NCSC, that basic cyber hygiene is the key to dealing with the majority of opportunistic cyber attacks, and that independent validation of an organisations security controls which protect itself and information it holds is a differentiator that should be recognised.​