Allied Irish Bank (GB) looking to 2017 growth

Dale Cowdell, Carol Noonan and Gerry McPake

Allied Irish Bank (GB), a specialist business bank with an office on The Ropewalk in Nottingham, is beginning to turn its attention to 2017, a year in which it expects to see its growth story continuing. Gerry McPake, who leads the bank’s operation in the East Midlands, is optimistic as he looks to the future. Gerry takes up the story.

“We kicked off our 2017 planning in late August and activity around this will build over the next couple of months as we define and refine our ambitions for next year, nail down our plans and strategies, accept the need to change with the market as appropriate whilst retaining our core principles around true relationship banking. That’s not to say that 2016 is over for us yet – it most certainly isn’t – and we have plenty in the pipeline that will translate into written business before this year is out”.

Carol Noonan, senior relationship manager at Allied Irish Bank (GB) Nottingham, added: “2016 was of course the year of the referendum and we now know that we will be leaving the EU when exit negotiations are complete. However, once the initial market turmoil settled down, we detected a sense of resolve amongst our customers to make the most of the opportunities which the future will present, irrespective of which camp people were in before the vote. We certainly haven’t seen any deals fall away as a result of the referendum result and, in conversations with our customers, we aren’t hearing about any investment plans being postponed or delayed. With a number of recent economic indicators pointing in a positive direction, we look forward to working with our customers as they take their businesses into 2017 and beyond”.

Allied Irish Bank (GB) Nottingham sees growth coming across the full range of banking products and services.

“Primarily”, says Gerry, “the service offering has to be outstanding. Whether this be through people interaction, phone & online technology etc. (and the reality is that most customers need a bit of everything) we have to offer a package which is up-to-date, flexible, reliable, user friendly and cost effective. We then need to make sure that our customers can, where necessary, access all the products and services they need from us. Cash flow management, investment in fixed assets, managing currency positions, planning for the future – we can provide solutions for these (and other needs) through services such as Invoice Finance, Asset Finance, International Trade Services and Private Banking. Right now, we’re investing in many of these areas to better serve the market and keep our customers at the centre of everything we do”.

Gerry concludes by speaking on behalf of all the team at Allied Irish Bank (GB) Nottingham: “We are a forward looking team with an ambitious and progressive customer base. Like us, our customers recognise that there are risks ahead but likewise there are opportunities. By working together and involving our customers’ professional advisors, we can minimise the former and maximise the latter”.