Plans submitted for new retail park at Clifton

Plans have been submitted to create a new retail park at Clifton in the grounds of Morrisons’ Green Lane store.

The scheme would see seven new units built, six of which would be used as retail space, and one earmarked as a gym, in accordance with the views of local residents, claims the supermarket.

the scheme would also see the development link to the Lidl development and South Church Drive, which is currently under development and which comprises: a supermarket, four non-food retail units, a restaurant and 24 apartments – offering “more choice to consumers and employment opportunities within the locality of Clifton.”

Documents accompanying the plans state: “The proposal will provide a mix of complementary use classes facilitating linked trips to the centre of Clifton; creating greater vibrancy within the area with differing peak times for consumer traffic through the additional high street leisure facilities.

“The proposed development will be constructed to high standards with sensitivity to the surrounding contect.”