Golden mile flats get go-ahead from planners

Image courtesy of SKM Design

Planners have given the green light to developers for a six-storey residential and commerical building on the ‘Golden Mile’, one of the main roads into Leicester city centre.

The owner of Dee Kay House in Belgrave Gate had been seeking permission to demolish the three-storey building which was constructed more than 80 years ago and replace it with a new high-rise structure featuring 25 flats and three shops on the ground floor.

The proposal comes four months after Leicester’s major Sir Peter Soulsby revealed plans to spend some £2m on revamping the road.

A document put together by council planning officers ahead of the decision being made said: “I consider the existing building makes a neutral contribution to the area and the setting of heritage assets.

“Its style is influenced by Art Deco and it was built in the 1930s following the widening of Belgrave Gate. It is three storeys in height in common with numerous other buildings along this part of Belgrave Gate. It is not a well preserved example of a building of its period with uPVC windows.

“It is not on the list of local heritage assets and I do not consider that any significant weight should be given to its retention.”

It added that the proposed residential development would “provide good quality additional housing in a sustainable location”.