Consortium of farmers submit plans for 97 hectare solar farm in Branston

The proposed site which covers 98 hectares

Plans have been submitted for a 97 hectare solar farm to be built in Branston near Lincoln by a consortium of local farmers.

If plans are approved, 188,664 solar panels will be built on the 97 hectare site, creating 49.9mW of energy, and powering up to 15,000 homes.

The land to the south of the application site currently comprises open agricultural land with hedgerow bordering the site in all directions.

An existing residential development is located to the north of the site.

According to the application, the development will have an operational life of 35 years, after which time it will be decommissioned, the equipment removed and the land restored to its original condition.

Members of North Kesteven District Council’s planning committee will consider the plans at a later date.

The consortium have promised to help contribute to the UK’s renewable energy and climate change targets,  as well as ensuring that the land can revert back to agricultural use at the end of the scheme.