Traders warned to stay on the right side of fireworks laws


Nottingham City Council’s Trading Standards officials are reminding traders of their legal responsibilities to ensure they are supplying safe fireworks and are stick to the law by selling them only to persons of legal age.

As well as being a time for fun and celebration, the season can often encourage incidents of anti-social behaviour which can cause concern and in extreme cases, fear for vulnerable individuals. Bonfire night in general can be great fun for the entire family but it is important that it is celebrated safely.

A Trading Standards spokesman said: “The penalties for selling without a licence or storing ay firework unsafely is a fine or up to 12 month imprisonment. Supplying fireworks to a person under the age of 18 could land you a fine or up to the months imprisonment and using fireworks incorrectly is a fine or up to 6 months imprisonment. You could also be issued with a penalty notice for £90″.

Trading Standards Officers will also carry out inspections to ensure fireworks are not supplied to anyone under the age of 18 and ensuring retailers comply with the relevant safety legislation.

Councillor Toby Neal, Portfolio Holder for Community and Customer Services, said: “Through our inspections we aim to find those who are storing fireworks unsafely or illegally and those selling unsafe fireworks. When incorrectly stored they pose a significant fire and explosion risk. The team from Trading Standards does an excellent job visiting businesses and checking they are complying with the regulations – with the ultimate aim of helping to keep the public safe.”

“Although firework night can be fun, ones that do not meet safety requirements or are used incorrectly can cause a great deal of harm. The law is designed to ensure safe they are supplied and fireworks are age restricted in order to protect children.”

If you see fireworks being sold from a mobile premises, to those under 18 or that don’t have a CE mark, contact Trading Standards via Citizens Advice on 0345 404 0506.