TGIF…and not just any Friday !

Credit: Ian Johnston

Friday already? And not just any old Friday at that but Black Friday. That date in the calendar that’s had retailers counting down the days in expectation.

Even big name brands like McDonald’s have climbed on the bandwagon this year, although whoever’s in charge of marketing there is probably having a bit of a roasting today.

Why ?  Well take a look at the screen grab below and you’ll see someone pressed the go button a little prematurely.

Sadly, three hours on and no one at Maccy-Dees had even noticed..oh dear!

On the subject of Black Friday, yours truly popped into Leicester’s Highcross shopping Centre earlier, expecting to fight his way through a sea of bargain hunters on a mad dash. Sadly, retailers looked a little underwhelmed and for good reason – as you’ll see from our picture below.

The Black Friday ‘rush’ in Leicester’s HIghcross shopping centre earlier today 

Admittedly, we’re a restrained lot but clearly, Black Friday hasn’t quite been taken up in the same spirit here in the UK. Either that or everyone is tucked up at home surfing the internet for those bargain Black Friday sale items.

Let’s hope the tills start ringing for our retailers very soon! In the meantime, this is yours truly signing off for the week and wishing readers a very happy Friday.