Don’t look back in anger

Image courtesy of shutterstock/ alpha spirit

Here’s a little snippet that might make you smile.

We’ve all heard of Escape rooms – the latest craze sweeping across our nation.

For those who have perhaps been living under a rock of late, the idea is for players to travel to a set location and pay to be locked in a room, or series of rooms. They are then tasked to solve a series of puzzles and riddles, to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within.

Apparently, things can and do get a little out of hand, with people thinking the clue is hidden behind, or under, furniture and this of course leads to some, adrenalin fuelled, individuals tearing at walls furniture or coverings, in their quest.

Perhaps that was the inspiration for this next big thing which is the “Anger Room.” Ideal for those who just need to vent before going home to their loved ones…

The idea is: travel to a set location, pick a blunt instrument of your choice (baseball bat, golf club, etc.) and get thrown into a room with a few pieces of furniture – televisions and other breakables seem particular favourites for some reason.. maybe that’s to do with the fact we get 800 channels and there’s still nothing worth watching,  then smash away to your hearts desire.

Personally I’m surprised the NHS hasn’t thought of this before as obliterating everything in sight should be a great way to reduce pent up frustrations. Come to think of it wahat a great gift for Secret Santa this year !

As you can guess, it’s been a ‘big hit’ in America and is coming to our shores – just watch those crowd funding sites for further details.

Have a great weekend folks.