Tidyco welcomes VIP guests

Derby-based Tidyco; a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to the rail industry for over 40 years, recently welcomed two distinguished VIP guests to its manufacturing facility.

Through an on-going partnership with Rail Forum East Midlands (RFEM), Tidyco welcomed Paul Plummer CEO of Rail Delivery Group and Gordon Wakeford MD of Siemens PLC Mobility Division / Chair of Rail Supply Group to participate within a tour of its engineering plant.

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) and Rail Delivery Group (RDG) have recently announced a new partnership so as to give the wider rail supply chain a stronger voice.

The site visit formed part of an all day event organised by RFEM whereby Paul and Gordon were given the opportunity to witness first hand some of the exceptional work being produced by rail supply companies within the East Midlands region.

Barry Aldridge, Head of Marketing for Tidyco comments; “This was a fantastic opportunity for the family owned business as we were able to demonstrate our rolling stock manufacturing capabilities in front of two highly regarded members of the wider rail industry. If you have read my online article ‘One year down the line’, you will know that Elaine Clarke of RFEM and myself have been in discussions since our initial meeting at the Industrial Strategy Conference earlier this year as how best to promote SMEs within the East Midlands region whilst collaborating with larger organisations.”

“SMEs play an incredibly important role within an extremely diverse supply chain and I would like to personally thank Elaine for her continuing support. Thank you also to Paul and Gordon for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit the group at its premises.”

Paul Jacks, Rail Director for Tidyco adds; “Tidyco is a well established and trusted supplier to the rail industry whereby the organisation takes great pride in the quality of its product offering whilst collaborating with key decision makers within the industry so as to offer a superior customer service. I have enjoyed seeing the rail division grow profitably year on year since its initial inception. You can read more about my beginnings with the company and plans for continuing expansion on the news pages of the Tidyco website.”

“Derby has a varied cluster of SMEs all committed to delivering a best in class customer service to the industry of which; Tidyco is a massively important component. I think it is highly beneficial for senior figures within the wider rail industry to visit manufacturing firms such as Tidyco so as to observe first-hand the value added service that we provide. It was great to have been allocated time to share the Tidyco company ethos, working methods and future vision with both Paul and Gordon. Tidyco supplies Siemens on a regular basis and as such; I found it a really positive experience to be able to engage with the MD of Siemens PLC Mobility Division.”

Paul Plummer later commented on LinkedIn; “It was fascinating thanks, and a great chance to get out into the real world of SMEs in our communities.”