Leicestershire solicitor struck off after £90,000 overcharge

shutterstock/ Pakhnyushchy

A Leicestershire based solicitor has been struck off after a tribunal heard how he overcharged £90,000 from a dead woman’s estate for a job that should have been valued around £4,000.

Christopher Greenman is said to have made a claim for costs for in relation to the estate “which he knew, or should have known, to be excessive.”

Expert witness, Susan Elizabeth Corbin, said: “The amounts charged by the respondent were manifestly excessive, and did not reflect the actual work undertaken.”

By her estimation she believed a reasonable charge would have been £4,168, plus VAT, not the £90,000 charged.

The misconduct was highlighted after the Mr Greenman’s former partner, Robert Dews, who had drafted the original will in 2005 for the deceased, reported him to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the police.

Mr Dews had drafted the original will in question but had left the company before the death of Mrs DMK in 2010.


When he later discovered Mr Greenman had charged £90,000 he was horrified and acted accordingly.

After hearing the evidence, the tribunal panel said Mr Greenman’s conduct “had been motivated by his own personal self-interest and financial gain”.

And added : “The respondent’s misconduct was of the utmost gravity.”

It also ordered he pay costs of £10,000 and the judgement was filed with the Law Society on September 4th