Derby’s QSS Group brings life back to one of Europe’s largest Goods yards

The vision for the goods yard -Image credit: The Goodsyard 2017

Derby headquartered QSS Group have helped bring back to life Bishopsgate Goodsyard, a historic site dating back to the 1840’s, located in Shoreditch, East London.

In the 1880’s this passenger station established itself to become one of Europe’s largest Goodsyards, however from the 1950s the site was mostly disused. A major fire in 1964 destroyed most of the upper level buildings and more recently a partial demolition to make way for the Shoreditch Overground line, Box Park and Powerleague.

Initially the firm were asked to do an initial risk assessment for the site and ensure the site was safe given the number of trespassers entering and engineers needing to do work on the Liverpool Street overhead line.

Subsequently, the QSS Group were asked to put together an induction pack for the site due to safety concerns for visitors requiring access and the knowledge QSS had obtained about the site.

When squatters inhabited the site causing major concerns relating to their safety, QSS were called back to compile a report based on the initial risk assessment, which would then enable the squatters to be evicted with immediate effect.

After reviewing the initial Risk Assessment, Network Rail realised that the risks involved were substantially higher than originally thought, as a result QSS were asked to carry out a more detailed risk analysis of the site.

And, given the size of the remediation work involved, Network Rail asked QSS to handle the project management of the site to ensure a safe environment for all those requiring access and to allow the site to be used again for commercial use.

QSS explain, “Due to the size of the site, it was split up into 4 zones: the upper level, the west vaults, the east vaults and the subterranean level. Therefore, site remediation was prioritised in order of risk and then by zone.

“Stage one was the immediate risk and site security, which began in August 2016 and was completed by October 2016. Stage two was intermediate level risk, which started in September 2016 and ended in February 2017. Stage three focused on low level risk, starting in April 2017 and being completed by July 2017. Finally, stage four focused on the subterranean level and started in July 2017, with a projected end in November 2017.

“Upon completion of stage three, the east and the west vaults were available for external commercial use and this saw the first revenue earning income for the site in 9 years. All the hard work was starting to pay off.

:Our work at Bishopsgate has allowed The QSS Group Ltd to be involved in a number of different events linked to the site, the first being London Fashion Week (LFW). Network Rail were approached by one of the organisers of LFW, who expressed an interest in the site for one of their shows. Due to our knowledge of the site, QSS was asked to work with LFW and Network Rail to help preserve the safety of the site and its occupants.

“It was great to work with LFW and the site was very well received. They expressed an interest in using Bishopsgate again and are considering using The QSS Group Ltd.’s services for other sites that LFW work on! The remediation of this site and the site now generating revenue has allowed Network Rail and QSS to get involved in other new and exciting work relating to this site!”