2018 Business Predictions: Steve Gelder, CEO Gelder Group

Steve Gelder, CEO Gelder Group

Each year Business Link Magazine invites a select panel of the region’s business leaders to offer up their predictions for the year ahead. It has become something of a tradition, given that we’ve been doing this now for over 30 years. And, while none of us possess a crystal ball, it is uncanny how accurate some of these forecasts have been.

Here’s what Steve Gelder, CEO Gelder Group has to say about 2018.

2018 is another big year for the Gelder Group, we will launch a 20:20 Vision whilst at the same time complete 30 years in business, not a bad effort for a company that was told “it wouldn’t last more than six months” back in 1988.

We are also, for the first time, planning to break through the £50m sales barrier, to do this we will need to increase our sales by 15%, tough but doable even if the UK Government continues to do its best to mess things up.

Reflecting on 2017, it’s turned out to be quite a good year but not once has it felt like it; it’s been hard graft all year with no easy wins but a good return at the end of it and from speaking to many in business, it seems like that has been par for the course across the region. We are constantly told that business needs certainty but we’ve not had that for many years and I don’t feel it will be returning anytime soon.

There is however a core part of the economy that gets up early every day with a ‘can do’ attitude and simply gets on with things whilst others look on. It is with those dedicated people that I try to position Gelder Group with because that is where we fit in best. We can moan all we like about politicians, Brexit and banks, but it’s not in our control. So my advice for 2018; if you’re worrying, stop, as you can’t effect it, focus on what you can effect and what you can do.

Finally, never stray from the five rules of business:

1)    Sell more

2)    Spend less

3)    Make friends with your clients

4)    Cheer up the staff

5)    Watch the cash

Stick to those rules and you’ll do ok.

Best wishes for 2018 & beyond.