£2.9m boost to build bridge over A46 between Newton and Bingham

Multi-million pound road upgrades announced in the last few days will help create more than 4,300 jobs and over 1,700 homes for people across England.

The improvements announced are worth just over £67 million in total, and include a boost of £2.9m boost to build bridge over A46 between Newton and Bingham.

Highways England is making a £16.6 million contribution towards the different schemes from its Growth and Housing Fund, alongside private sector developer contributions and other public funding making up the rest.

The Nottinghamshire scheme announced is the A46 RAF Newton (Nottingham) which will be allocated £2.9 million from the Growth and Housing Fund. A new link bridge over the A46 will be installed connecting the former RAF Newton site with critical transport links and public amenity services in central Bingham. The scheme will also receive £970,000 of private funding and will unlock the land to create up to 550 local homes and deliver substantial benefits to improve safety and conditions for vulnerable road users.

Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England Chief Executive, said:Each of these improvements will ensure England’s strategic road network continues to make a valuable contribution to the prosperity of our country.

We will continue to use our Growth and Housing Fund, working with a range of local stakeholders to unlock further development sites around the country.

The designated £100 million fund was set up as part of the government’s £15 billion investment in roads and provides financial contributions towards the cost of road improvements needed for new developments that provide new jobs and much needed homes.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said:

“Transport investment is crucial to a strong and resilient economy – that’s why we are making the biggest investment in roads in a generation, spending £23 billion across the country to improve journeys for motorists.

“These upgrades from Highways England will benefit the regions, giving a boost to businesses and better access to the jobs and homes that people want.”

The Designated Fund is part of Highways England’s award-winning “The Road to Growth” strategic economic growth plan. The plan received national recognition from the Institute of Economic Development (IED) for having the “greatest economic impact” at their 2017 annual awards ceremony.